SAP Cutover & Data Management

Seamless SAP Cutover Planning and Execution

We have long experience in planning and executing CUTOVER on SAP® projects. We understand the complexity of cutover management in an organization’s landscape of disparate systems, whether as a source or target, . With various SAP® and non-SAP® applications connected to each other and moving over to new landscape, we can prepare an exhaustive project plan under various workstreams with clearly defined interdependencies. Key aspects of cutover planning like task definition, owner definition, roll back option, dashboard reporting, progress review and course correction are looked at in detail and managed in the central plan. Planning tool can be MSP or excel, as per cient’s choice.

Our belief is that Cutover plan should read like a storyboard and should be easy to understand while still reflecting complexity of the activity.

Data is one of the biggest sub-section of cutover plan and is also one of the most crucial link in smooth business operation. We specialise in managing end-to-end data activities undertaken as part of independent project or as a key component of cutover planning.
Starting from identifying data sources to developing srategy for cleansing/de-duping of key data, preparation of data architecture and mapping documents, interface definition for data movement (ETL), system load of master data as well as transactional data and then finally getting post-load validation done – all of this can be performed under a an integrated project plan. We can help you with following key activity pillars related to DATA :
# Data Governance – defining data standards for business continuity, GDPR and other regulatory compliance
# Data Architecture Design – including interface between disparate systems
# Master Data Management – prepare, de-dupe, upload, test, usage rules, continuously manage
# Data Quality – Cleansing, Monitoring, reporting, first-time-right rules, pre and post load validation
# Master Data – Customer, Material, Vendor, Employee, Others
# Transactional Data – Accounts Receivable and Payable, General Ledger Trial Balance, Open and Historical Purchase & Sales Orders, Others)
# Temp and Resourcing Solutions – providing short-term specialist Data Analyst / Data Project Managers for all kinds of defined work

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